Our story

Gaidor was established in 2023, after our individual contemplations on what makes work meaningful. A decade of experience in sales and enhancing customer experiences crystallized into significant interactions between people.

The word 'Gaido,' which means 'guide' in Japanese, is formed by two characters: 'Gai,' translating to external or outward, and 'do,' guiding or leading. That's precisely what Gaidor embodies: an external guide connecting the best solutions with decision-makers in need. Recognizing that the best guides possess a wealth of knowledge about people and their environment, we've harnessed data and artificial intelligence to assist us in orchestrating meaningful encounters. Together with AI, our team constantly learns to identify the most suitable conversation partners and offer personalized advice and guidance to our clients.

While our company is built on cutting-edge technology, we don't solely build our service around its dictates. Behind our founders stands an excellent technical team that understands technology's purpose is to serve humanity, not the other way around. Thus, Gaidor is a blend of technical expertise and humanity.

This marks the beginning of a journey towards better encounters. Welcome aboard!
Jonna & Leena 

Jonna Pitkänen

CEO, founder
+358 40 1950 306

Leena Räsänen

Commercial Direction, founder
+358 44 5560 029